Concrete Mixer Truck


1. adopts European modern style 2. featuring attractive appearance 3. rational structure and stable performance 4. different steel materials for different parts

1. adopts European modern style
2. featuring attractive appearance
3. rational structure and stable performance
4. different steel materials for different parts of tank body
5. Multi types of Chassis Matched

Brief Introduction of Concrete truck mixer

DASION series concrete truck mixer / concrete mixer truck adopts European modern style, featuring attractive appearance, rational structure and stable performance. Different steel materials for different parts of tank body, which is made from China famous steel factories. Service life is 1.5 times than average.
Adopt CNC plasma equipment and leading international fixtures, ensure the accuracy of the parts manufacturing key weld using CNC automatic welding production lines to ensure the weld strength. Modular design and assembly line keeps product quality consistency. Structure parts adopt blasting pretreatment process; Painting work used luxury coach paint process, completely in accordance with the coating process of industry leading technology, effectively guarantee the quality of the vehicle.
DASION series concrete mixer truck covers mixing capacity 3-20m3 all volume products, mainly adopts ISUZU/SINOTRUK/NISSAN/HINO/FOTON/DFM-Dongfeng/FAW-Jiefang/SHACMAN/Auman/JAC/North-BENZ, etc. Special upper tank projects for special chassis, to make each other match reasonable.

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Features of Concrete truck mixer
1. Long service life

Wuhan steel, Baoshan steel material, different thickness for different parts, wear-rib on blades. Service life is 1.5 times than average.

2. Unique structure

Revised logarithmic spiral blades, special mold cold press molding, to ensure speed of concrete feeding and discharging, concrete mixing is more uniform; Blades and drum body by new welding process without obvious trance.

3. Excellent assembly and manufacturing processes

CNC cutting equipment, Automation Welding Machine, Industrial Fixtures, Automatic robot welding production line, to ensure products quality.

4. Paten technology

Mixing blades, anti-torque secondary beam, water tank heating device, etc.

5. Bus baking varnish

Fifteen thousand square meters workshop for painting, 16 process baking system, polyurethane finish coat, to keep mixing tank bright and long lasting.

6. High-level configuration of hydraulic system

Hydraulic system adopt international top-brand, such as Germany, Italian, American brand with integral structure, excellent performance

7. Control system for operator

Adopts three-point control mode, that means operator can control the drum easily and conveniently, by control-bar on both rear-sides and in-cab device.

8. More humanization design

Large power tail-lamp at rear part, for night working and safety.
Self-locking in cab, to prevent from mistake operation and ensure security.
Step area adopt pressed steel and attractive appearance, reasonable handrail ensuring safety.
Smart equipment can be assembled on the truck mixer to meeting various clients’ requirement, for example, Remote Operation, Water Metering, Tank-input Sealing, etc

9. Multi types of Chassis Matched

The upper mixing drum capacity is from 3m3 to 20m3 all volume products.
The model of chassis match: ISUZU/SINOTRUK/NISSAN/HINO/FOTON/DFM-Dongfeng/FAW-Jiefang/SHACMAN/Auman/JAC/North-BENZ, etc

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Parameters of Concrete mixer truck
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The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to the actual product.